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Who We Are

Fahrenheit674 is a gathering of top professionals from various agencies with a common purpose: to create exceptional, efficient, and effective campaigns that allow you to grow while we grow with you. There are a variety of situations where Fahrenheit674 might be a fit for you, but reading about our team is a good way to start.

Please feel free to read through our bios below, or better yet contact us and learn about us in person.


: Executive Creative Director

With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Jason has managed and directed several major accounts as an in-house resource and for Agencies such as DDB Needham, Hill & Knowlton, Williams-Labadie, Whittman-Hart, First Chicago NBD, and the Hodes Group. The list of clients range from major household names such as McDonalds, Budweiser, and Betty Crocker to smaller local shops such as Powderface Beignets and The Marquee Martini Bar. The industries covered include Food and Beverage, Healthcare and Pharma, Finance, and Education.

Jason began his career as an Art Director for the Hodes Group in 1994 with a focus on traditional media. During his tenure there, he experienced the explosion of the internet and integrated the online component into his skill set. Over the course of the last 16 years, he's created a strong balance of traditional and new media in his projects and with his client work while keeping up with the latest and greatest. Jason firmly believes that the best campaigns have a cohesion of both the offline and online spaces and strengthen each other based on how they play together. This deep-rooted understanding of both worlds makes him a valuable asset in concepting and delivering highly effective campaigns.

Jason graduated from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana in 1994 with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. He also works as Adjunct Faculty on occasion for Robert Morris University teaching design and interactive classes.


: Creative Director

Timo is the newest member to the team. Prior to joining the F674 crew, he worked on clients such as Motorola, Red Roof Inn, Ford Motor Company, and the Chicago 2016 Olympic Bid. His strengths lie in his problem solving abilities, and as such, this quality has made him a formidable web designer/programmer. In spite of his expansive knowledge of interactive space, his passion still lies in print.


: Lead Application Developer / Web Designer

Cynthia Lee is an experienced web developer with over 7 years of experience and has a passion for simple and elegant design. She has developed for more than 20 companies and has launched over 30 applications.

Cynthia is currently living in the Bay Area, CA and is dedicated to helping companies with developing their web presence. Her client list includes: RockYou, Kabam, PlanToys, Kaplan, and many small local businesses. She is also well versed in creating many different platforms, including websites, blogs, online stores with integrated shopping cart and payment systems, Facebook applications, iPhone applications, and custom-designed internal tools for businesses.

Cynthia graduated in 2006 with a B.S. in Bioinformatics with an emphasis on Software Engineering from UC Santa Cruz. Since then, she has worked as a Software Engineer at many different companies including: CardioDX (a start-up medical diagnostics company), Carnegie Institute for Science (a non-profit research institute), and Cell Genesys. Coming from a science and technology background, she has experience designing complex algorithms for genetic analysis and knows the importance of building clean interfaces for very complex tools.


: Senior Project Manager / Senior Design Associate

Misty originally hails from the Big Apple, where she has spent the last five years, paving her way and being captivated by the bright lights of New York. Prior to moving, Misty worked as a Project Manager/ Designer at a premiere PR agency. In this role, Misty was often the face of the creative team; interacting with all levels of the executive teams to ensure that a client's call for help was always thoroughly addressed.

Misty has always had a passion for design, color and texture. She has recently been taken by the art of the letterpress and continues to find inspiration in her love for travel. Misty's bag is always packed with her eyes wide-open for adventure and imagination on overdrive. Her aim is to "enliven design by finding inspiration in the most unexpected places." It is Misty's imagination, creativity, and attention to detail which are the perfect combination to assist you with your design needs.


: Senior Motion Graphics Developer

Ever since Kristin was a little girl, art and animation have been her passion. From the moment she learned how a ballroom crane shot was made in Disney's Beauty and the Beast she wanted to be a 3D animator. Kristin has always been intrigued by the ability to create and manipulate entire virtual worlds. As years have gone by, the technology used to create such worlds has advanced allowing for its integration into other mediums and the creation of more spectacular works of art.

Kristin prides herself as an artist who creates using virtual time, space and matter. She started my artistic journey at Northern Illinois University where Kristin learned how to act, think and create as one. From there she attended Rochester Institute of Technology were she learned to become a storyteller and master the technology used to create 3D graphics. Kristin created short films and experimented with design. On graduating, she was hired as an animator for a small company that created content for auto-stereoscopic screens (3D without having to wear glass). Working there she was able to create short 3D commercials as well as interactive 3D environments.

Simultaneous to working as an animator Kristin also teaches animation and design at a local college. Passing on her knowledge and experiences has been one of the most fulfilling experience of her life.

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